"So your birthday is tomorrow. What is your goal for this year?" -- My sweet friend asked me this question yesterday and it really made me think! She is a very goal-driven person, which is something I really admire.. but I've never thought to set goals for myself for each year. With her question as motivation, I decided set 28 goals for my 28th year of life. Here we go!

1. Be more present with my kids. (Translation: PUT THE PHONE DOWN.)

2. Be better with time management.

3. Go to the beach more.. it's probably our last year in Florida!

4. Watch all bajillion seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

5. Wash my makeup off, every.single.night.

6. Cook more.

7. Make photo albums, with real photos.. not a printed book. 

8. Keep up with my hair/highlights. No more going 3 years in between haircuts!

9. Pray with more specific intent.

10. Upcycle more free/cheap furniture to work on my painting skills.

11. Blog more. (Storyofmylife)

12. Say NO more often to things that stress me out. 

13. Read at least a few books, other than my text books. 

14. Build my subscriber list. Wanna help? Sign up on the sidebar below my photo for weekly emails. ;)

15. Christmas shop early. 

16. Window shop for a new Mommy-mobile. It's almost time for an upgrade!

17. Have more family game nights.

18. Go to the doctor. Get a physical. Ugh. The grownup stuff I hate.

19. Start the Couch to 5K program. 

20. Make family dinners at the table more of a priority. 

21. Write more 'thank you' cards.

22. Drink way more water.

23. Read to my kids more.

24. Plan date nights - in or out of the house - for Houston & I.

25. Complete school assignments before the day they are due!

26. Learn everything about the stupid expensive camera that I rarely use. And then USE it. 

27. Hang out with my friends (let's be honest, friend. singular. haha!) more often. She's pretty amazing.

28. Keep growing my social platforms to benefit my blog. I mean, you could help there too if you really wanna ;) Social links are above my photo on the sidebar.

So that's it! Here's to being 28 and goal oriented!